Things You Need to Know about Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-698 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-698 certification exam is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability in installing and configuring Windows 10. The test also checks one’s skills in different enterprise scenarios and cloud integrated services. The candidates are usually tested through simulation and adaptive technology. Before writing the certification exam, it is recommended that you have hands-on experience in working with Windows 10. In addition to this, you should also endeavour to take relevant training courses in preparation for the exam. By taking advantage of the available training resources, you will be able to explore all the areas that you will be tested on. It is important to mention that you are required to write and pass this exam to earn the MCSA: Windows 10 certification. When you write and pass this test, you will be regarded as one of the exceptional certified IT professionals with the capability to install and configure Microsoft Windows 10.

Details of the Microsoft 70-698 Exam

The certification evaluates different concepts and ideas that relate to installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows 10. The exam is aimed at testing your capability to improve damaged systems, recover files that have been deleted, make the best of Windows services, and configure user account control. It also evaluates your skills in setting up biometric verification, automating administrative responsibilities, and fine-tuning Windows service updates, among others. It is important that you develop the skills and expertise mentioned above to be able to write and pass the certification exam. It will also be an added advantage if you can perform other tasks that are related to operating Microsoft Windows 10, apart from those that have been listed above.

Who Can Write the Microsoft 70-698 Certification Exam?

The Microsoft 70-698 certification exam is targeted at professionals in the IT industry. It is aimed at professionals who have the skills and expertise to install and maintain Microsoft Windows 10 major services. It is also designed for professionals who have experience in cloud integrated services. If you are also considering taking up a job position as a network professional in an IT-related organization, you can pursue this certification go url.

Scope of the 70-698Exam

The certification exam is developed to evaluate a candidate’s skills and knowledge on different technical tasks within the scope of the certification course. It is important to note that each skill set tested is based on specific topics of the test. Each topic also carries different weight in terms of questions to be expected from it. You should therefore look out for the percentage of weight associated with each topic so that you can know the importance given to it. Below are the highlights of topics as well as the percentage of importance given to each of them:

  • Management and Maintenance of Microsoft Windows 10: 30-35%
  • Core Services Configuration & Support: 30-35%
  • Implementation of Microsoft Windows: 30-35%

To fully understand these topics and the relevant percentage associated with them, it is recommended that you go through the exam objectives of the certification. The exam objectives are available at the official Microsoft website.

Types of the Exam Question to Expect

Before writing the certification exam, it is recommended that you develop skills and knowledge in the recent versions of Windows. You should also have hands-on experience on command prompt and PowerShell to be able to write and pass the test. The Microsoft 70-698 exam consists of both theoretical and practical questions. The exam questions are offered in both multiple-choice and single-choice formats. It is essential to reiterate the fact that you must engage in hands-on practical experience in installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows 10, and also carry out extensive revision on the topics of the exam. All this will help you in answering the questions correctly.

How to Prepare for the 70-698 Exam

There are numerous training courses that you can take advantage of while preparing for your exam. These tutorial courses are well detailed and contain all the relevant contents you need to master to get the certification. You can access the courses through training videos that have been developed by experts in the field. These videos cover the skills and knowledge you need to pass your test. It is important that you take your time to go through all these videos, as well as other resources available to you to prepare for the exam. There are many online vendors that offer such resources. Some of them are offered for free and the others require that you pay for a subscription.

Why Should You Consider Taking the Microsoft 70-698 Certification Exam?

There are many benefits that come with earning this credential. After writing and passing the exam, you will be equipped with exceptional knowledge and skills needed to perform many tasks associated with installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows 10. With this certification, you can easily find your way up the career ladder to the job position of your dream. Tasks you will be able to perform after passing this exam include:

  • Installation of Windows
  • Configuration of different devices and device drivers
  • Implementation of Windows in different enterprises environments
  • Configuration of data access, networking, and storage
  • Configuration and implementation of desktop applications

Exam Dumps for the Microsoft 70-698 Test

Exam dumps are an important aspect of your exam preparation. Brain dumps offer you the opportunity to explore numerous questions and answers that will help you get familiar with the topics tested during the exam. It is important to mention that using only exam dumps to prepare for your test is not the best option. You need to develop skills in addition to passing the exam, and they come only from studying. Exam dumps should be used as a part of your exam preparation and not the only means of it. Platforms where you can access exam dumps include Exam Snap,, Exam collection, etc.


The Microsoft 70-698 exam is a requirement for earning the MCSA: Windows 10 certification, which is a springboard to your desired career in the IT field. It is crucial that you get the necessary study materials to prepare for the test and ensure your success.

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