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Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide (Updated!!!)

Some of you may not be old enough to have experienced the prehistoric era of the late 1990s, but when I first started to become interested in combining my passion for gaming with the natural desire for mobility, it was not long before I realized that passion and desire were not enough. At that time you also needed strong muscles and an extension cord. Back in the day, if wandering gamers wanted to play anywhere but at home, they needed to lug around their desktop computers and pray that nothing untoward happened to them on their way to their LAN session.

It is only a few year later, with the help of technological advancements, that the first powerful graphics chipsets became available and that I was able to participate in weekly Urban Terror or Quake 3 sessions, armed with a simple “transportable” computer… Yes, transportable. A nickname which reminded everyone that while the 3D rendering power of these machines had certainly improved, they still had hopelessly limited autonomy and were still rather cumbersome. As for their price, let’s just say I might have had to sell a few of my organs to pay for it.

If we could have only been born 20 years later…Nowadays, mobile PC gaming is accessible for under a thousand dollars on more or less powerful machines which are wirelessly connected to the internet and which have ever improving autonomy thanks to systems such as Optimus and Battery Boost.


Best Gaming Laptops under $1000 2018 Buying Guide

The gaming laptops under $1000 is where most of the PC Master Race members bask in glory. Especially after the power efficient Nvidia Pascal architecture and a lot less toasty Skylake and Kaby Lake processor line up from Intel, it is the laptop and portable gaming market where upgrading your device is actually worth every penny.

Say if you have an Intel 4th gen build with a GTX 980m you can still rock most AAA games on it with a GPU upgrades but laptops from that time will give up before loading up a GTA V game. At a thousand dollars, there are a certain things you may expect such as an M.2 SSD, a good enough CPU like  i5-7300HQ or i7-7700HQ or the likes of it.


Virtual PBX vs physical PBX, which one is better?

Maybe many of you have previously heard about virtual PBX or cloud PBX, which is a technology that allows to interconnect phones in companies, or even homes, in order to cut their overall costs and keep maintenance to a minimum, allowing the integration of technologies such as Skype at the same time. In this article, we are going to see the differences between a physical and virtual PBX to determine which one is better in each case.

The physical PBX

This was the type of PBX that was everywhere until a few years ago. Every phone was connected to a single device that physically distributed the phone lines (in the case of an office, for example). This means that we will necessarily have the physical PBX with its own power consumption, maintenance and all the necessary wiring to connect every phone that we want with a trunk line.


Best Laptop under 500 Dollars 2018 Buying Guide

Many people enjoy the larger screens, attached keyboards and greater flexibility of laptops instead of mobile devices. If you are one of them, but don’t want to break the bank on your next purchase, these laptops deliver great power and use for less than $500 for a new machine.

I have covered a wide range of laptop price ranges in my reviews, but the under $500 price point seems popular with people who want a useful computer at a budget-friendly price. You aren’t going to find a good machine that will last several years for less unless you buy used, and that can bring a whole bunch of different problems.

So many brands of laptop exist with so many different features that it can be a challenge to choose the right one for you. I’ve listed the best laptops available for under $500. They all have the best and latest technology for the price so you can keep up with your friends who have more expensive models.


Best Laptop under 200 dollars 2018 (Laptops and Chromebooks)

When taking about laptops, we first look at its specifications. People never consider user experience which is possibly the most important factor for any mobile device.

If you are building a PC then this isn’t the case. Your setup’s ergonomics is independent of your internal components. This is not the case with laptops, even with all the i5s and i7s, working on them can still be inconvenient. The displays can have back light bleed or typing on them may make your fingers and wrists hurt.

One cannot help but think of Apple’s MacBook, when user-friendliness is at stake. The $800 price tag is, sadly, difficult to swallow. Especially, if you are about to begin school and are looking for a lot cheaper alternative.

We have investigated different options that might be available. Starting from Windows 10 laptops under $200 price, refurbished devices and of course Chromebooks.

Windows 10 Laptops under $200

The most important factors to look for in a laptop at this price are: User-experience, storage, display and battery-life. Windows 10 is a heavy operating system but developer have done a good job cramming it into a drive as tiny as 15GB.


Best Laptop under 400 Dollars 2017 – 2018

In our previous article we reviewed four of the most loaded laptops around the $500 tag. We have lowered it further to $400 to see what the market segmentation is like at that price point. The point of high end laptops was to provide performance and we cared little about weight and battery life. Surely, at this budget if we are not asking for gaming, we can get good laptops for lightweight productivity and casual use. Can’t We?

Well the market is segmented differently from the perspective of a few manufacturers. Somehow, they want to convince consumers that at $400 they can provide everything just as well as those high end products. As a result, we end up with products that aren’t good for power users or the casual ones. These are the products which you would want to avoid. Also considering your personal needs is important while deciding what you might prefer. For example, if you are a blogger who likes to travel to different places and write about them then reliable battery performance is going to matter more than CPU performance or the RAM size. Similarly, a corporate executive can appreciate a faster SSD which would make boot time extremely small and programs like Microsoft Office would load quickly.

Notice that we are considering products that can be regarded as laptops and are not convertible tablets or Chromebooks. The main reason for doing this is not so much the form factor but the CPU inside it. Anything with an Intel Core M from any generation is something we are intentionally avoiding just to stick to laptop department alone. There is an entire range of Macbooks and Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book, but those things cost north of a $1000 price tag. Something a budget conscious person would avoid.


Best Cheap Gaming Laptop under 500 Dollars 2018

In the past articles, we recommended several laptops around 300 dollars, which could meet the basic needs of the office, but their performances do not meet the demands of many games. Today, we recommend several gaming laptops around 500 dollars. They will meet most of all the mid-range and low-end games needs because many mid-range games can only be played at medium resolutions settings. Hence, it can be said that the laptops costing around $500 are good fits for the users who don’t pursue high-end gaming experience, but enjoy playing older games.

The integrated graphics that APU platform uses have better gaming performance than that of Intel processor. The gaming laptops around $500 usually adopt APU platform in order to get better graphics performance. At first, I didn’t think there were laptops with discrete graphics at around $500. Fortunately though, we found Acer E5-575G-57D4 , which is equipped with i5-7200U CPU and GTX940MX graphics. At slightly higher price of at around $550, this is what we recommend as a better choice.


Best Gaming Laptop under 800 dollars 2018

While in the last posts we reviewed some top of the class gaming laptops, now we will consider some affordable options for the ones who are thinking about a laptop with modest portable gaming experience, however you don’t expect the highest frame rate, or the extreme graphic settings.

We decided to lower the price range from 1000 dollars down to 800 dollars, and find the best gaming laptop solution in this price range. Didn’t come as a shock finding that we have found there are tons of options in this price group, some even surprisingly good for the money you’ll spare.

In our manner, by dong a massive research and analysis, and limiting the playing range even more, we have managed to make a list of top five gaming laptops in the range of 800 dollars on the market momentarily. Although not looking as pretty as high end laptop, the performance of these laptops is surprisingly good, so they can freely be named “mid-high end”.


Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 dollars 2018; The right one for you is listed here

Gaming Mice are as much important for a gamer and a PC enthusiast as the GPU or the processor. It is also the subject people care about the least. Lags when playing Counter Strike is measurable.

When you are playing a demanding game or running a benchmark you can clearly see the FPS or the score to come to a conclusion about your laptop of your PC. For gaming alone, the results can be usually very conclusive.

The thing we tend to miss out on is the actual gaming experience. Do you miss your enemy, even when you thought he was directly at your crosshairs? Do you tend to play games on “Easy” setting because you just can’t handle the game’s difficulty? There are many reasons why this can happen. High pings, display latency, human error but more often than not the reason is sitting right under your nose – Your mouse.


Best Business Laptop 2018 Buying Guide

In the current technological era, the quest for the “perfect professional PC” involves selecting a device with many different features: maximum mobility; light and thin; built using premium materials; full-day battery life; good CPU performance; high resolution screen; fully wireless connectivity to the internet and other devices; easy integration into IT departments and with the required security for a corporate environment.

Clearly, the type of machine that can fulfill all of the above in this era of mobile devices is the laptop. Although choosing the ideal model for a company or for professional use is not straightforward. You must take into account multiple aspects starting with the device case format. It can be a more traditional solution or one of the new hybrid models like convertibles or 2-in-1.